Flight Instruction

Piedmont Soaring Society does offer flight instruction to its members. There are currently 3 CFIGs on the roster and these guys can be found at the field most weekends and occasionally during the week with some prior planning.


Charles Cook, Commercial glider, CGI Glider. Charles is a long time glider instructor, always ready for one more instructional flight, to share the joy of soaring. He owns PE, a PIK20 and a share of a SGS 1-26). When asked, How many flying machines you have or have owned? 4.7 (Yep, must be a glider pilot) Ka6CR, Libelle H301, Blanik L-33, PIK 20D, and 1/5 of a SGS 2-22

Famous quote: Takeoffs are optional, Landings are mandatory- unknowns

Soaring achievements: SSA State Governor, A,B,C, Bronze, and Silver Badges, Set 4 single place state records and co-holder of a two place record, Claimed both the Boomerang and Kitty Hawk trophies.

Dalton Everhart, Commercial glider, CGI Glider. Dalton retired in 2007, from American Airlines Captain/Instructor who used to hold odd jobs like flying to Europe, Mexico, South America, etc. and teaching pilots to fly the MD/Super 80 for 8 years.

Background: Started flying in 1971 at Sugar Valley Airport. My first flying job was flight instructor work advancing to charter/air taxi out of GSO. Later on flew corporate in a KingAir out of Kentucky. Then in 1985 got hired by American Airlines where I worked till retirement in August 2007. Dalton owns a Skylark4, Grob 104 and a Cessna 170A but stays busy most weekends in the cockpit of the Pawnee as Chief Tow Pilot.

Gary Garavaglia, Commercial glider, CGI Glider. First solo in 1970. Began flight instructing in 1972 and have been gainfully employed in my hobby for these last 38 years.

Loved every flying job I ever had, just some more than others. Currently a CKAM in the CLT Training Center and fly the B757/767. Started flying gliders in 2005 at Bermuda High. Survived a PVT and later COMM checkride with Frank Reid who asked me if I knew that my feet were supposed to move the rudder pedals, and was pretty convinced that I couldn’t walk and chew gum simultaneously……but could be taught.

Currently Training and Education officer at PSS and believe me, I need more education and more training. How to get along in life….Never focus on WHO is right, instead focus on WHAT is right. Famous line would be “God, please don’t let me land out and when I do, please don’t let Bert know about it.”